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  • Doug Chia

How to Make Your Board Materials Reflect Well on *You*

Things to Keep In Mind As You Prepare Your Board and Committee Meeting Advance Materials and Yourself for Board and Committee Meetings.

A piece I wrote for Foresight BoardOps:

Directors must fulfill fiduciary duties to the company, and a critical part that is receiving the information they need to be adequately informed and conduct effective board meetings. Directors who serve or have served on multiple boards can tell a lot about the company’s management based on the materials they receive to prepare for board meetings and how those materials are used in meetings. Here are several things to keep in mind for your board and committee meeting materials.

Manage the Volume of Advance Materials

Generally, you should provide your directors enough information to enable them to:

  1. fulfill their oversight duties,

  2. have well-informed discussions, and

  3. make informed decisions,

but not so much that the volume obscures the most relevant information. Avoid getting “into the weeds” with operational detail that would be useful to a high-level staff member at your company, but not necessarily to an outside board member. To this end... (read the full article here)


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