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  • Doug Chia

Back to school!

It's been really fun teaching at the Rutgers Law School with my friend and colleague Professor Doug Eakeley in our "Current Issues in Corporate Governance" seminar. I love feeling the students' energy in the building and being able to plop myself down and do some work in a top-notch law library when I need to. Where else can I check out books on corporate governance by Myles L. Mace written in the early 1970s for my own reading pleasure? One thing Professor Eakeley and I do at the opening of each class is ask if the students have run across any interesting current events they want to share. Here are some of the ones they've brought to our attention:

Board Composition:

SEC Disclosure:

Executive Compensation:

Shareholder Activism:


Stakeholder Governance:

Insider Trading:

Some pretty good finds here. You can see that our students are engaged and aware of a lot of what's going on in the corporate governance world today. Makes for great classroom discussion as we continue to march through the rest of our course materials!



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