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  • Doug Chia

Attending Pfizer’s Virtual Shareholder Meeting on an iPhone

Updated: May 23, 2023

Pfizer, Inc’s virtual shareholder meeting was last week, so I decided to attend it on my phone to see what that experience is like. (You can watch the replay here.) Young adults in the “next generation” seem to watch everything on their phones. Even when watching a movie, my college-aged kids break out their phones instead of watching it on the large LCD screen we have in our family room just a few feet away from the couch on which they are lying! I don’t get, but clearly the mobile phone will eventually be the device of choice for those who watch VSMs.

Here are screen shots from Pfizer’s VSM on Computershare’s mobile platform. You’ll see that Computershare has designed it in a way that makes it pretty easy to use the standard VSM features that shareholders would find on the platform for desktop and laptop computers. There’s definitely room for improvement on some things (especially for people with far-sighted vision!) and I’m sure Computershare will continue to work on making the mobile experience better.

You’ll also see that Pfizer upped its VSM game beyond what most companies continue to do this year (i.e., the bare minimum). Kudos to my friends at Pfizer!


Here is what you see when you are waiting for the meeting to begin. It’s not much different from the full web browser platform.


Here is the live video feed of the board members being introduced. Notice that they are all physically in the same room!

The video image is small, but if you rotate your phone, you can see a much larger image.


Here is what the closed captioning looks like on the mobile platform. The downside is that you lose the video.


Here is the landing page for the voting section.


Here are the instructions for asking questions. Pfizer decided to only give shareholders the option to call in by phone to ask questions. That got me concerned that a shareholder may not be able to call in and stay connected to the meeting at the same time on the same phone. So, I tested it and...


I was able to call in, stay connected to the meeting, and still see the video feed in a tiny bubble on the bottom left. (I didn’t stay on to ask any questions.)


There was an option to add the number of shares held. I’m not sure what this does for the shareholder. I entered my holdings, but nothing special happened. Still, this is a feature that I haven’t seen before.


Congratulations to everyone who was involved in this year’s Pfizer VSM!



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